Student visa

You registered with a school or a university in France, or you are part of a student exchange program. You are ready to go and almost there… but not quite yet !

You need a visa to enter and reside in France. Follow the procedure step by step in order to be granted a student visa.

Step one : Book an appointment with the Institut Français

To evaluate the legitamacy of your academic project, you must book an appointment with Campus France. Click here to send a message and ask for an appointment.

This appointment is mandatory for all students.

Step two : Fill in an online application form

After your appointment at the Institut Français, it’s time to fill in your long-term visa application form. Do so on our website France-Visas.

Create an account, log in and fill in all information regarding your stay in France. The website will indicate the documents you need to bring at your appointment at the consulate.


Step 3 : Book an appointment and come to the French Consulate in Tel Aviv

At some point during the procedure on France-Visas, you will be given an opportunity to book an appointment at the consulate.

If you missed it, don’t worry, here’s a direct link to the page.

IMPORTANT : Before you book an appointment at the consulate, make sure that :

  • you met with the Institut Français in Tel aviv
  • you completed the online application procedure on the website
  • you have all the required documents, in French or in English. Documents in another language have to be translated.

If you fail to comply with step 1 and 2, your application will be refused and this will delay the issuing of your visa.


How long does it take to get a student visa ?

All applications are reviewed in Paris. It can take a few weeks before we get the greenlight from the French authorities allowing us to print the visa.

For this reason, you must apply (meaning : your appointment at the consulate must occur) at least one month before your planned date of entry in France.

But do not forget that you must meet with the Institut Français and start your visa request on France-Visasbefore coming to the Consulate, and also that must gather all the required documents. This takes time.

For these reasons, we recommand that your start the process as soon as you have confirmation of your registration and contact the Institut Français at least two months before your departure.

What documents do I need ?

You will be given a reliable list of document on the France Visas website after you have registered and after you have completed your online application form.


  • All incomplete application will be refused. You will have to come a second time at the consulate and the issuing of the visa will be delayed. Make sure you have all required documents on the list.
  • Your application will be reviewed in Paris. For this reason, all documents must be in French or in English. Any document in another language have to be officialy translated.

I am asked to bring an OFII form. What is it and where can I get it ?

The OFII is the French Office of Immigration.

What is this document ?

Here is the document for you to print :

PDF - 38.8 ko
(PDF - 38.8 ko)

What do I do with it ?

Read page 3 very carefully. It explains what the OFII procedure is and why it is very important that you comply with it.

Then you must fill in the first part of the first page. Here’s some help if you do not (yet !) read French :


We will give this document back to you along with you visa, with our stamp.

What do I do next ?

When you arrive in France, you must send this document as soon as possible to the relevant OFII desk (see page 2 of the document) by mail.

You will receive confirmation from the OFII and you will also be called upon to their office for
- medical examination if necessary
- payment of a tax of 60 euros
(see information page 3 of the OFII form)

Why do I need to comply with this procedure ?

- After three months and if you fail to send the form to the OFII, you will not be allowed to re-enter the French soil if you leave the country, for example if you come back to Israël for holidays. You will have to start the process of getting a visa all over again, in Israël.
- You will not be allowed to extend your stay if need be when your visa expires

Can you sum it up ?

1. Print the form> 2. Read page 3 very carefully > 3. Fill in the first page > 4. Bring it to the consulate along with the other required documents > 5. Send it to the OFII as soon as you arrive in France

Am I allowed to work with a student visa ?

Yes. A student visa allows you to work 70% of the statutory working time in France, which represents 21 hours per week.

How much does a student visa cost ?

The fees are the equivalent of 99 euros in the local currency, approximately 422 ILS as of January 2019. You pay these fees the day of your appointment at the consulate, in cash and in shekel.

The visa is free for recepient of a scholarship from the French government.

I have a family. Can they apply for a visa as well ?

Your spouse and children can apply for a visa. This visa is called a "visa visiteur". This visa does not allow the spouse to work. For this reason, you will need to provide us with a proof of sufficient means to live in France for the whole duration of the stay.

They need to apply separately, which means that we require one application per member of family, and one appointment as well. For a family of 3, you must book 3 appointments at the consulate.

To apply for a "visa visiteur" as a spouse of a student, go on the France-Visas website, log-in, fill in the form with all required information and gather all the required documents.


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