Health pass for foreigners traveling to France

This article only concerns foreigners who have been vaccinated in Israel.

The Consulate has no jurisdiction to process a request for a health pass or a possible appeal. Please do not send us your request and do not copy your exchanges to us.

In France, the health pass is given to people who have a negative test or a complete vaccination course, with one of the vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency or equivalent to these vaccines.

In order to facilitate the stay in France of tourists from outside the EU, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has set up a specific system to obtain a QR code equivalent to the vaccine equivalence health pass valid on the French territory.

Initially, this system is open to foreign tourists from outside Europe, already present on the national territory or arriving by August 15, 2021. Requests concerning an arrival after this date will be taken into account later.

Reminder: a temporary QR code can also be generated by a healthcare professional following a negative result in an RT-PCR or antigen test (see below).

• Who can request a health pass?
• How to apply?
• Questions and answers

Who can request a health pass?

If you have been vaccinated in one of the following countries: Member States of the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, you have an EU digital COVID certificate, accepted in France, and you do not need the health pass.

You can request a vaccine equivalence health pass if you meet the following conditions:
• You come from a country which does not belong to the European Union;
You are 18 years old or more. Until September 30, 2021, the health pass is not required for minors between 12 and 17 years old. In addition, minors under 12 are not subject to the health pass obligation;
You have been vaccinated with a vaccine accepted by the European Medicines Agency or equivalent since
o more than 4 weeks after injection for single dose vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
o more than 7 days after the second injection for two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
o more than 7 days after the injection if you have recovered from Covid-19 (in this case, only one injection is necessary);
You are already in France or in the European Union or you plan to go there in the next few days.

How to apply?

Gather all of the following documents, in electronic form only:

1. the application form (PDF - 27.8 kb);
2. your vaccination certificate, drawn up according to the rules of the country of vaccination and clearly showing the type of vaccine used;
3. your passport;
4.your travel ticket (round trip)

Send these documents (in pdf, jpg or png format) by email, only to the address which is appropriate for your place of residence. Attachments in zip file format will not be processed.

For travelers from Israel:

No request received by any other means will be taken into account.

To facilitate the processing of requests received, the email must be sent with a title worded as indicated below:
COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE / LAST NAME First name / Date of arrival in France in DD-MM-21 format
For example: ISRAEL / DURAND Anne / 12-08-21

Warning !

• Incomplete requests will not be processed. You will have to start your request again. Don’t forget to complete and attach the form!
• Your entire message must not exceed 10MB. If your request exceeds this limit, it will not be received by us.
As soon as your request is processed, you will receive an email containing a QR Code. This can be printed and presented on paper, or added to the TousAntiCovid application, to prove your vaccination status.

Questions and answers

We travel together. Will each person have to apply separately?

Yes. Each person must complete and sign a form and produce supporting documents. Each request must be the subject of a separate email.

When will I receive my QR Code?

Requests will be processed as soon as possible. No relaunch is necessary, at the risk of slowing down the process.

Why haven’t I received my QR code yet?

We do everything we can to respond to requests as quickly as possible. In some cases, we have to carry out additional checks on the documents provided, which can lead to longer timeframes.

As QR codes are sent by email, be sure to check your spam emails regularly.

Be sure to enter your email address on the request form: in the absence of this information, no document can be sent to you.

I have not yet received my vaccine equivalence QR code and I need it to travel to France or to visit certain places (museums, theaters, restaurants, etc.), what should I do?

A temporary QR code can also be generated by a healthcare professional following a negative result in an RT-PCR or antigen test valid for 72 hours.

All RT-PCR and antigenic tests generate proof, as soon as the result is entered by the healthcare professional, which can be printed live and which is also made available to the person tested via an email and an SMS to go and retrieve it on a portal.

In France, the tests are chargeable for foreigners and available from many health professionals (laboratories, pharmacies, etc.) or dedicated spaces. The results of antigen tests are usually known in about 15-20 minutes.

Will the health pass thus obtained be recognized in other European countries?

Yes. It is generated in a digital DCC format recognized across the EU and countries that have established a mutual recognition agreement with the EU. Find here the list of countries concerned.

I am not vaccinated. Can you produce a French QR code from my certificate of recovery?

No. The device allows recognition of vaccination abroad. The certificate of reinstatement cannot therefore be registered in this context.

I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I turn to?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you can write to us at

My request was refused. How to appeal the decision?

We strongly encourage you to check that you are eligible for the health pass, and in particular that the vaccine you have received is on the list established by the European Medicines Agency or equivalent.

If your request has failed because the post-vaccination deadline has not been met, you can reapply on the correct date, following the procedure above.

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