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The “College Marc Chagall” belongs to the network of French schools which is overseen by the Ministry for French teaching abroad.

The international network of French schools, the largest in the world, consists of more than 400 schools outside of France, located in 125 countries around the world.

It provides French education to more than two hundred and fifty thousand students and fosters links and cooperation between various education systems.

The “College Marc Chagall” teaches the French national curriculum from kindergarten to high school as determined by the French Ministry of Education (A.E.F.E.).

This curriculum allows admission to any French school in the world.

Within these programs, the school has to adapt its pedagogy to the conditions of the particular country and culture.

The small number of children per class allows the school to offer individual attention to students.

Preschool (Maternelle) : 3 years to Kindergarten

For children from 3 years of age. Teaching is adapted to their age. As young children learn languages easily, it is recommended that the child begin pre-school at an early age to give him or her the opportunity to be become confident in the language before 1st grade.

Elementary School (Primaire) : 1st grade to 5th grade

For children aged from 6 to 10 who learn the basic skills.

Middle School (College) : 6th grade
From 6th grade, each subject is taught by university trained teachers.

Secondary school (lycée) : the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades have been relocated to the site of Mikve Israel. http://www.mikve-israel.org/

For children from 14 years of age.

The aims of the "College Marc Chagall"

  • To maintain the quality of French teaching/schooling abroad and to adapt as necessary
  • To meet the expectations of French families living abroad and foreign families wishing to enrol their children in French schools.
  • To enable the French education system to benefit from the experience acquired within the international school network with regard to other languages, different cultures as well as to different educational systems.
  • To ensure a perfect command of the French language. This is aimed at French students living in a foreign culture and surrounded by a foreign language as well as to other foreign students in the school.
  • To give a special place to the language, culture and civilisation of the host country. This is aimed particularly at students of the host country but applies to other students as well.
  • To give special attention to non-French speakers to help them to integrate into the French education system.



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